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About Us

What is Meraki?

• Meraki is a Greek word that means soul, love and creativity.
• We are a mental health service aimed at spreading positivity, boosting motivation levels and reminding individuals that they matter, despite however many times they may feel otherwise.

Why Meraki?

• Corporate gifting is a deeply strategic activity
• However, it adds little value if the gifts aren’t well thought out.
• We separate ourselves from others via preparing meaningful gift boxes/baskets that make employees/corp friends/partners feel valued and cared for.

What Can Meraki Do ?

• Prepare gift items/boxes/crates for corporate/internal purposes
• Customize gifts according to occasions, carefully selecting items that hold value and make the gift meaningful
• Design aesthetically pleasing customized packaging for various purposes


Our Achievements

The University of Sussex recognized our efforts to create an impact and support mental health in our community. We have regularly exceeded expectations with the people that we’ve worked with so far and aim to achieve the same with you!